August 22, 2017


Quick Link: The Cube

What is the Cube?

The Cube (formally High School Cube) is a live streaming company based in San Francisco, California. The Cube platform helps thousands of parents, coaches, teachers and students showcase all that's great about high school and youth activities. Its 680,000+ members have utilized The Cube's free apps (iOS and Android), camera-laptop set ups and professional systems to stream 54,000+ events in all 50 states and 21 different countries.


How do I see ISD 361 activities videos?

To follow Falls High School and other ISD #361 events on The Cube, go to You must Join by typing in your name, an e-mail address, and a password. Search for Falls High School and choose the entry in International Falls, Minnesota, identified also by a Bronco graphic. When you get to our page, you can click Follow, and by doing so The Cube will let you know when we are streaming events.


Additional notes

The Cube can also be download for free on both iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Google/Android devices. If you have the app on one of these devices, they can notify you when we are streaming as well.

We currently are streaming mostly sports events, but are looking to expand this to concerts and other school events as well.


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